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Air connectivity
AXESS Seamless Availability
Seamless allows AXESS subscribers to display real time flight availability information directly from Participantfs System within availability displays generated by AXESS, where flights of the Participant appear in the journey requested by the AXESS subscriber.
AXESS Direct Sell
AXESS Direct Sell allows AXESS subscribers to automatically generate a booking request and receive information from the initial reservation system of a participant for completing a PNR. If the inventory requested is available, the airline's inventory is automatically decremented from its reservation system. Once the booking has been confirmed by the airline, airline's PNR record locator will be appended to the AXESS PNR.
AXESS Direct Access Plus
AXESS Direct Access Plus allows AXESS subscribers to access the participating airline's system and obtain real time flight availability information from airline's internal reservations system. After creating or updating PNR, airline's PNR record locator will be appended to the AXESS PNR.
Locator Display
Locator Display is the function that record locator of host system is appended to flight segments sold by teletype message in AXESS. AXESS subscribers can verify that the PNR was created in participating airline's host system by the record locator in the segment.
AXESS Multi Access
AXESS Multi Access allows AXESS subscribers to make an access to airline's host system from AXESS terminals and AXESS terminal shall be used as one of the airlines host system terminals. The function is most suitable for group passenger operation by a smooth communication through queue system and sharing an identical PNR between airline's reservation and an AXESS subscriber.
Air Connectivity
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