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Booking Management
Seatmap Display
Seatmap Display is available for the Direct Access and Direct Sell participants. AXESS subscribers can view the seat map of the flight through Direct Access in advance and make a request of the available seat by teletype.
AXESS Interacitve Seat Request
AXESS Interactive Seat Request (ISR) is EDIFACT version of the conventional seat request function. The ISR function makes it possible to confirm a seat number of the flight almost instantaneously.
Point of Sale (POS) Information
AXESS can provide with following POS information for participants to identify the booking source of reservations.
List of Available POS information
Item Sample
In-house travel agent or office or city code ASK
User identification number of IATA# or TIDS# in eight digit 1631110
Closest city/airport code within the same country of the location of the user TYO
Airline/CRS code JL
User type T or A
ISO country code JP
ISO currency for payment code of ticket JPY
Duty code of agent AS
ERSP unique user identification number (assigned by the ERSP) AB397DK3P
Point of first departure TYO
Duplicate Booking Validation
To limit against duplicate bookings on the same flight in a PNR, AXESS has a function to make it impossible to arrange duplicated seats on the same flight. In case that there are two or more active segments with the same flight number, class, sectors or date, EOT(End Of Transaction) cannot be performed. Even if the segment status differs (i.e., when HK and HL overlap), EOT cannot be performed either. The exception to this rule is with code share flights overlap between a marketing airline and an operating airline.
Name Change Inhibition
AXESS offers function to inhibit AXESS subscribers from changing passenger name once a PNR is created by EOT (End Of Transaction) on Airlines demand.
Name Change Inhibition
AXESS provides the ability to join flight segments in order to process and subsequently handle as a single unit two or more consecutive connecting segments which are then known as@married segments at the Participant's option in conjunction with Seamless Availability and Direct Sell Link level.
Name Change Inhibition
AXESS system includes in a Type A message, including Seamless Availability, Direct Access@Plus and/or Direct Sell, to the Participant's System a copy of all Net Passenger Segments@within the PNR that a AXESS Subscriber of AXESS System is creating or modifying.
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Booking Management
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