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AXESS@Market Information Data Transfer (MIDT)
AXESS MIDT provides airlines most effective market information data of future reservation activity by travel agency.
As AXESS is the leading GDS in the Japan market, AXESS MIDT's coverage of agency reservation activity helps airlines to make/foresee their market strategy in the Japan market.
AXESS Billing Information Data (BIDT)
AXESS BIDT provides statistics of billing information such as flight number, flight date, class of service to airlines in FTP,E-mail or CD-Rom.
AXESS BIDT helps airlines to analyze billing information, agency activity and to reconcile billing discrepancies.
AXESS Ticketing Data (TCN)
AXESS provides ticketing data daily via ATPCO's ticket exchange service. Not only the ticket data of validating airlines but also the data validated by other airlines are also included.
Direct Billing of Code-share Flights
AXESS can bill booking fees of code-share flights not to the marketing airline but to the operating airline with signed agreement by both airlines.
AXESS Information Web
AXESS InformationWeb can perform browser-based information in Japanese language. This is an effective means for distributing news, sales and marketing information from participating airlines, hotel and car vendors to AXESS subscribers.
AXESS Sign-in Message
AXESS Sign-in Message comes up in English every time an AXESS subscriber signs-in with 18,000 AXESS terminals all over Japan. AXESS Sign-in Message is a very powerful sales promotion and marketing tool for airlines and hotel/car vendors.
AXESS Subscriber List
This list includes AXESS subscribers' pseudo city code, name, address, IATA number (or TIDS number) and telephone number. The list is provided in both Japanese and English.
AXESS CREA is a standard terminal provided to travel agents and airlines. Airline reservation office can use it for verifying and monitoring AXESS PNR, schedules, fares and availability display to support AXESS subscribers. AXESS CREA
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