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AXESS Electronic Ticketing
AXESS Electronic Ticketing allows AXESS subscribers to issue electronic tickets and its data is transmitted to participant's electronic ticketing database. AXESS ET supports up to 16 flight segments and stores audit coupon data in the system for 13 months.
>> AXESS supports Interline ET between AXESS ET participants and their interline partners.
>> ET and IET from Multi-Japan created PNR are Supported in AXESS as well.
>> hTrip for You(T4U)h enables travelers to view ET Itinerary/Receipt information via the internet,
Legal Notice can be downloaded from the Trip for You site that promotes paperless environment and supports ET utilization in Japan.
Interline Traffice Agreement (ITA) Validaiton
ITA table is stored in the AXESS host system and is maintained by AXESS on the basis of ITA information from AXESS participants that are also participated in BSP Japan. This function automatically judges whether or not an airline in a PNR has an interline traffic agreement with the issuing airline.
Interline Traffice Agreement (ITA) Validaiton
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AXESS ATPCO CAT35 handling
CAT35 is one of the categories of ATPCO used for filing negotiated fares (IT fares) which are highly popular in Japan. AXESS offers sufficient consulting until an implementation of Net fare distribution and coordination the handling of ATPCO CAT35 by understanding Airlines requirments. Supporting for travel agencies by manual distribution and a seminar/training and for Airlines with prompt contact with appropriate person in the Airlines Head Office for and early fix and resofution.
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