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AXESS subscribers can book over 150 airlines, over 90,000 hotel properties, 26 car rental chains and other travel related products.
Air flight booking and ticketing system
AXESS supports over 150 airline participants for their flight availability and on-line reservation facilities. AXESS subscribers can make an access to flight schedules for 800 airlines. The High Speed line (Type-A) connection with major airlines enables subscribers to access the last seat availability and real time seat map display.
AXESS is using Travelport's leading-edge pricing and shopping system, 360‹fare. AXESS supports to maintain fares of originated in Japan of carriers through ATPCO upon request.
AXESS supports an automated ticketing of almost all the BSP Japan participating airlines. Now AXESS is expanding its support of EMD function for participating airlines.
Hotel & Car system
More than 290 hotel chains in the world can be connected from AXESS host system and over 90,000 hotel properties can be booked online & real-time. 26 car rental chains over 100 countries in the world can be also connected from AXESS host system.
Support service
AXESS training facilities are located at nationwide. Various training classes are conducted by the dedicated instructors at free of charge.
Support desk
Toll-free helpdesk service is open from Monday through Saturday.
Customer support reps
They visit travel agents regularly to conduct on-site trainings and follow-ups.


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